Bulgarian Rose OIl Small Sizes

Rose oil small sizes

Rose oil is one of the most exquisite fragrances Earth has ever emanated.

We have evolved it in an art of aroma and a beauty of sensation.

Rose oil is obtained through hydro distillation from the Bulgarian Rosa damascena P.Miller. Rose oil is an oily transparent liquid heterogeneous mass below 23°C with yellow color and aroma characteristic of Roses.

Units of measure: 1 gram (g) = 0.0353 oz; 1 kilogram (kg) = 2.2046 lb; 1 ml rose oil = 0.89 g

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Rose essential oil (Rosa damascena) souvenir vial 1 g (0.03 oz) # 11343

The traditional 1 gram with wooden souvenir vail, hand made.

Rose essential oil (Rosa damascena) souvenir vial 1 g (0.03 oz)
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RoseFace Bulgarian rose oil 1.8 g (0.063 oz) with dropper and outer box # 11350

Genuine 100% natural rose oil by Bulgarian OrganiRose with a very convenient dropper with pump placed in retail box. Special development for some markets only.

Rose essential oil (Rosa damascena) souvenir vial 1 g (0.03 oz)
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Of course, the famous Bulgarian Rose oil, as well as the Bulgarian Lavender oil. Our list of aromatics may be rewiewed at https://www.essentialoils.eu.com, and our flower waters at https://www.flowerwaters.com.

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