Rosart Cosmetic Line

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With natural rose oil, rose hip oil, urea, natural rose water. Airless package.

Rosart cosmetic line with organic rose oil, organic rose water. Each product is specifically formulated for the purpose it has been created and other natural active ingredients for maximum effectiveness. Formulas without parabens and phenoxyethanol, does not contain mineral oils, synthetic color and with predominating content of natural aroma from the organic rose oil and rose water. Highly effective concentrates of carefully selected active ingredients. For maximum benefit for the skin real skin benefits. Organically certified by the USDA rose oil and 100% organic rose water instead of just regular aqua. Incredible combination of saturated with vitamins, essential fatty acids and polysaccharides of sea weeds with the richness of the more than 300 biologically active compounds contained in the organic rose water and rose oil are completed for hydrating and regenerating. Rosart will diminish the appearance of broken down collagen, causing your skin to naturally react by producing more collagen, thus healing wrinkles and skin damage.

Rosart Cosmetic Line milk mask cream

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