Rose Joghurt Cosmetic Line

Rose Joghurt hair shampoo 250 ml

Rose Oil, Rose Water, Yoghurt Extract, Hygroplex HHG, Soya Proteins.

Rose Joghurt hair shampoo 250 ml

Active Ingredients: Rose Oil, Rose Water, Yoghurt Extract, Hygroplex HHG, Soya Proteins. Energizing shampoo suitable for all hair types and for everyday use. It contains a complex of active ingredients with nourishing and moisturizing action that makes washing a real pleasure. It keeps hydro balance in the hair, restores the natural softness of hair, giving it brilliance and soothes the scalp. Makes hair easy to comb. Hydrolyzed soya protein and yoghurt powder have a conditioning action on hair and eliminate its electrostatic charge. Soya protein is considered to be a complete substitute of the extract of placenta in formulations for hair care products. It has revitalizing properties, provides mineral salts, amino acids and peptides. Patented mixture Hygroplex HHG contains substances similar to the natural moisturizing factor of skin - mono- and disaccharides, amino acids and urea, keeps the optimum moisture of hair and improves its elasticity. Apply evenly with a light massage on wet hair and rinse thoroughly with water.

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