Bulgarian Cosmetics with Rose Oil

So much cosmetics with Bulgarian Rose oil. Why? Because they are different. And because the Bulgarian rose oil contains some 280 individual compounds with very well established benefits for skin care.

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Cosmetic lines with Bulgarian Rose oil

The finest rose oil cosmetics developed by the ultimate experts in Rose oil: The Bulgarian Rose Plc of Karlovo, and the Bulgarian OrganiRose Plc the next level in aromatics.

Lady's Joy Luxury

Lady's Joy Luxury Cosmetics - naturalness of the active ingredients, effective action and maximum skin protection from external factors. Lady's joy luxury with organic rose oil, organic rose water, black pearl extract! Parabens free.

Lady's Joy Luxury Decoration line

Lady's Joy Cosmetic Line

Lady's Joy results: After four weeks of use Lady’s Joy reduced the wrinkle depth by 50%. The skin is nourished and becomes visibly smoother and achieves envious young look. Longest serving on the market.

Lady's Joy Decoration line

Be Rose Cosmetic Line

Be Rose with natural rose oil, rose hip oil, urea, natural rose water. Very affordable and formulated with Bulgarian rose oil. Large selection of products and applications addressing every need for improvement of your skin. Airless package.

Be Rose Cosmetic Line Decoration line

Rosart Cosmetic Line

Rosart is formulated with organic rose oil. A contemporary formulation for maximum effectiveness. Formulas are uniquely and individually developed. Natural materials for maximum effectiveness in the ageing battle. Airless package.

Rosart Cosmetic Line Decoration line

Rose Cosmetic Line

Rose cosmetic line with strong anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, toning and hydrating effect they are the perfect means for cleansing, hydrating, soothing the skin; for the keeping of the water balance in the cells; for the regeneration of damaged and ageing tissues; and for the delay of the cell's ageing. The Classic surviving times and delivering results.

Rose cosmetic line Decoration line

Rose Joghurt Cosmetic Line

Cosmetic series ROSE JOGHURT , created in the laboratories at Bulgarian Rose Plc - Karlovo is an innovative approach to maintain health, beauty and youth of the skin. Cosmetic series contains two unique natural elixirs in the world: Bulgarian rose oil and Bulgarian yoghurt.

Rose Joghurt cosmetic line


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